Magic Photo Booth

   Magic Photo Booth





Holiday Party Special!

Book a holiday party with our photo booth.

▪ Unlimited 4×6 photos
▪ Custom photos to go with your theme
▪ An attendant to make sure everything goes perfect!
▪ Props
▪ Up to 4 hours of fun!
▪ Not only photos but there are games your guests can play as well!
▪ We will email you all of the photos that were taken at your event!

When was the last time you developed a photo? You and your guests will have lots of photos to share at your event!




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Hero Blast

Hero Blast is perfect for a Birthday Party!


Hero Blast

Do you have a birthday party coming up? Hero Blast is perfect for kids ages 4-10.  It is laser tag without a gun!  Each child is able to pick which super hero power they want to play with!  The glove is light weight and easy to use.  On the glove is a touch screen that is easy to use for all ages. You can choose three different powers! Titan has a mega blast that instantly eliminates when fired at full charge. The Command uses a rapid fire blaster to spray the battlefield with destruction. The Medic can heal teammates or other players who are low on health. Each unit also vibrates when you are shooting it, and when you get shot! All of these features the kids love!
You can plan your birthday party to be a super hero theme or just a laser tag party.  The party package comes with 10 body  vests, 10  face mask (they don’t have to wear it) and 10 of the hand held gloves. The game coach will teach everyone how to play and will be able to set up different games for them to play as well! Hero Blast can be played inside or outside, day or night, rain or shine!
Laser tag is perfect for a birthday party, school events, summer camps, daycare’s, after school activity, fundraisers, church groups and more! We provide you with E-Vites, all of the equipment needed to set up a field, a game coach to host your event, and a gift for the guest of honor! There is never any per person fees so you can invite family and friends and you won’t get a big bill at the end of the party!
Try Hero Blast and save $50! book now use promo code hero50! We come to you set up and clean up!
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Backyard Laser Tag Party!

Birthday party planning made easy!

Laser Tag in your backyard!

Planning a party is now easier then ever with Rolling Video Games of New England.  When I plan a birthday party for my kids I never know how many people will want to come.  When I invite my child’s class I know there is about 20 kids there, but how many will come? They have friends on their sports team, karate class, and in the neighborhood.  I don’t want to have two parties (family party and a kids party) because that is just double of everything.   I was worried that EVERYONE will want to come, and I will have a $1,000 bill at the end of the party if I used a facility.

How much:

Planning a birthday party with Rolling Video Games has no PER-PERSON FEES!!! They came to my house, set up a field, and entertained the kids.  The kids played the WHOLE 90 minutes game after game!! The only time they stopped was to get a drink! Here is how it worked….I booked them to be at my home from 5-6:30 pm.  Their prices start at $299 for a weekday party and $329 for a weekend party.  I invited everyone to come over at 4 pm.  My pizza arrived at 4:30 and everyone ate and had enough time to be late and not miss anything.  The game coach arrived at 4:30 to set up the field and was ready to start at 5 pm.  Once he had all of the waivers, (you can even fill them out online before the party) he explained the rules,(mostly safety stuff) and they were off running around.  The game coach had a few different games they were able to play.  Once the laser tag was over we did cake and presents. The people that were ready to leave left around 7pm and some people stayed.  We had a fire and continued the party into the night. 

Who can play:

My friend that had younger kids were even able to get in on the fun.  The laser tag is recommended for ages 6 and up and my 10 year old had a blast. They even gave him a gift, a beautiful cord bracelet and he wears it all the time. The package came with 10 laser tag guns and the average game was 5 minutes.  They played about 15 games! The game coach did a good job with rotating everyone.  The adults even got a game in 🙂

There are so many great things I can say about having my party at home.  They told me that everything is waterproof, but if it rained I can reschedule with no additional fees! I wasn’t rushed like I have been in the past when I had a party at a facility. I was able to order pizza, cook on the grill, or have a pot luck because the party was in my house and not at a facility.  They day of the party I didn’t have to  pay anything extra. I did give the game coach a tip he was awesome! I set up everything in my garage so no one was in the house.  For 90 minutes I  retreat to my CLEAN, QUIET house for the Mess stays outside! You can’t go wrong with Rolling Video Games!