About the Mirror

1. Can the mirror be set up Outdoors?

Our mirror is full of electronic equipment and we do require to be indoors and close to a plug socket. We can set up outside, but it is not recommended.

2. What size space do we need to have?

Although a regular 8’x8’ will be fine, our space depends on your package choice. Just don’t forget, we will need to be close to a plug socket. With the ‘open air’ set up we can have the mirror along the wall and take up very minimal space.

3. How many people can you fit into the pictures?

We can fit up to 7 people, but if you are prepared to squeezed together and be as close as you can, you can fit up to 10. So far our record is 21 people in one photo!

4. How long does it take you to set up?

Usually it is ready within the hour, but, we like to leave plenty of time to do some testing to ensure everything is running perfectly before your guests arrive to your event. We also can’t go up stairs with our booth so we do need to enter at ground level and use an elevator to get onto a different floor if needed.

5. How long does it take you to take down the mirror?

It usually takes around 30 minutes to pack everything away.

6. What is the quality of your photos?

Our mirror use DSLR cameras and this ensures for high quality photos straight from the camera!

7. Is your mirror easy to use?

The touch screen and software is really user friendly, but don’t forget, you have a member of staff on hand for the whole event to help guests if required. Our 6 year old has it mastered!

8. How long does it take to print the photos?

It takes around 8-12 seconds to print, and are completely dry when they come out


About Our Packages

1. How far will you travel?

The first 20 miles are included in the price. Travel fees will apply over that.

2. How many times can my guests use the Mirror?

With all of our packages we offer unlimited visits!

3. What size prints do we get?

All of the prints are 4×6. We will provide you templets to approve before your event. A template can have 1,2,3, or 4 photo sections.

4. Are party props provided?

Yes so you can take some hilarious photos.

5. Is there a limit to the number of print outs on the night?

There is no limit to prints on the night! We will send you all of the images from the night in a drop box so you will have all of the images as well!

6. Can I create my own package?

Of course, if you want to choose what to include with your package just give us a call or email us and we can provide you with a price for your event!


About Booking

1. How much is your booking fee?

The booking fee is 50% of the cost, and the remaining balance will be due 48 hours before the date.

2. Why do you take a booking fee?

We ask for a booking fee to fully confirm your date for you and also books a member of staff for you. Any inquiries we then get will be turned down as you have then fully confirmed the date. If we were not to take a booking fee, and you were to cancel a week before, we would still have to pay a member of staff.

3. Do you offer a refund?

Unfortunately, at this time our policy won’t allow us to do refund, however, you can contact us to cancel your event 2 weeks before your booking date and avoid paying the remaining balance.

4. Why should we book your photo booth?

In a world of evolving technology, the Mirror Me Booth is the ultimate interactive feature that is sure to make your next event a success. Not only will your guests have great photos there is also games and different animations to keep them coming back for the night. Your guests will be able to see their photos before they print so they only get the best photos. We are able to custom the start buttons, templates, and animations to go with your event and theme. No one else has this technology!

5. How can we stay in touch in the run up to our event?

We have a live chat feature on our website that is available 24/7, our phone number and email are on the invoices and our website. We are also on Face book and google messenger.

6. How early should we book our mirror?

As soon as you know your event is a certain day and time and it is open is the best time to book. We only have one mirror so when it is booked for the day it is sold out. Confirmation is based on once a payment is made. We will continue to take requests until the event is confirmed.


About the event

1. Is there a member of staff during the night?

Yes, unlike some companies our Mirror Me has an attendant running it for the whole event ensuring hassle free use for you and your guests!

2. If the mirror is going really well, is there the option to extend our coverage on the night?

Yes, obviously this depends on the attendants other commitments however it could be possible to extend your coverage on the night. We would require full payment on the night of the additional time required.

3. Do you help us use the mirror?

Of course, we are always on hand to help with the running of the Mirror Me booth. We also help create a fun atmosphere and encourage your friends and family to dress to impress taking full advantage of our props, if requested!

4. Do we have to feed  you during the event?

No! You have paid us to run a professional service. If you would like to offer your attendant something you could, but they don’t expect it and will provide their own food/drinks for the event. Some venues will require you to add your vendors to your headcount.

5. What do you wear to my event?

We respect that your event is important to you, and our dress code is always professional.

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